we are a cooperative

we bring people together

people with common needs, goals, values

we enable access to economic services, notably financial services, services that would not have been accessible otherwise, individually

for empowerment

for stronger communities

for a more sustainable,

confident and friendlier society :

TEL     +49 30 9828 9108

SMS    +49 157 9231 5431



c/o Socius gGmbH

Tempelhofer Ufer 21

10963 Berlin, Germany

executive board :

C.Baier, C.Guené

supervisory board :

A.Keita, A.Knoth (president),

H-G.Nottenbohm, S.Niederer

Registered in the Cooperative Registry of

Berlin-Charlottenburg: GenR 725 B under the name of "Kreditunion für Selbsthilfe und Solidarität eG" (credit union for self-help and solidarity)

Member of the German Federation of Consumer and Services Cooperatives

(ZdK eV)